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How electricity gets to you

There are a number of stages electricity has to go through - from generation in a power station to delivery in your home. Once it is generated, it can then be transmitted, distributed and used. But what does each of these steps entail?

How electricity gets to you


Generation refers to the process in which electricity is created, the first step in its journey from Synergy to you. Most of the electricity Synergy generates is from coal and gas powered plants, but we also use a number of renewable sources like solar and wind.


Step two is the start of electricity's real journey. It leaves Synergy's generators at a high voltage and starts moving along the power lines. A series of substations reduce the voltage, so it can be used safely in your home.


Once it has been processed, the electricity can be spread through low voltage lines to your home or business, which Western Power handles.


From there, it's up to you. The electricity is then ready for you to access and use as you wish! Switch on and enjoy what energy gives us.

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