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In the community

Synergy is proudly Western Australian and committed to playing an active role in supporting the local projects and communities in which we operate.

Synergy is part of the Western Australian community and we have a proud history of contributing.  

Currently Synergy’s sponsorship and community partnerships tender process is under review and will reopen in March 2017, with opportunities being assessed on our three sponsorship pillars of Education, Innovation and Community.

To receive notice of when the tender process opens please email

Synergy Parkland

Synergy Parkland in Kings Park is one of Perth's best loved outdoor spaces for the whole family. This important community partnership dates back many years and is one of which we are very proud.

Synergy Parkland is a delightful family-friendly outdoor recreation area, and a great space for children to explore, learn, and play. Children can run headlong back in time, to follow the footprints of giant dinosaurs, and discover ancient fossils.

Wind your way through the Windy Walk

Recycled materials were used to build the amazing 'Windy Walk' which is 75 metres long and up to 2.5 metres above ground.

Megafauna for mega-fun

Children can take a trip back in time to prehistoric Perth — riding one of the dinosaurs that roamed here millions of years ago. The Muttaburrasaurus was a reptile that needed the energy of the sun to warm its body, and give it energy to search for food.

Now it’s back, in a spectacular life-like form, to give you a history lesson you won’t forget!

Lycopod island

On the central lake you’ll find Lycopod Island and its Island Fort. It’s surrounded by a ring of ancient lycopods, replicas of the world's first trees that existed about 1,200 million years ago.

The trees are made from huge wooden poles that are carved to look and feel like lycopod trunks, with fronds cut from stainless steel. And if you look carefully, you’ll see a giant dragonfly hiding in the lycopod fronds.

Get in touch with the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

If you’d like to bring a portable barbecue to the Parkland, you need to get written permission. You can call them on 9480 3659 or visit the website for more info.

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